Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Haunted Story Inn Still Serving Up Spirits

By Joy Neighbors

Wine is a great equalizer and so are ghosts, so put the two together and you have for an interesting evening in southern Indiana …

The village of Story Indiana is a rural town burrowed between  the Hoosier National Forest and Brown County State Park. Local physician, George Story established the village back in 1851. This logging community had a school, post office, grain mill, saw mill and general store. Oh, and the inn.

Story Inn
George Story and his wife Jane ran the inn, what is now known as the oldest country inn in the state. At some time during the inn’s history, guest books were placed in each room so that visitors could record their thoughts, and say a few words about their stay. Once the books were filled, they were taken up to the attic and stored.

Somewhere along the way, guests begin to write about hauntings and incidents that involved what they came to call “The Blue Lady.”  Visitors mentioned that they would smell of cherry tobacco in their guest room, this was a favorite smoke of Jane Story’s, George's wife. Blue objects like ribbons and bows would appear in the rooms, and some guests said they actually saw Jane, especially in the Garden Room.

The Blue Lady Room
Today, the Story Inn is a quaint bed-and-breakfast without the diversion of televisions or radios in the rooms. The inn’s restaurant boasts fine dining with rustic charm, and warm Southern Indiana hospitality.

“The Blue Lady” is still a regular at the inn. In fact, a “summons light” has been placed in her favorite room. Legend has it that if you switch the blue light to the “on” position, you will summon Jane’s spirit to appear. But she doesn’t necessarily have to be summoned to show up, at least according to the many guests who have stayed throughout the years at the Story Inn.

Want a chance to possibly see The Blue Lady? Put on your Halloween duds tomorrow night, October 29, and attend the free “Blue Lady Halloween Bash” held on the inn’s patio from 8:30 to midnight. You never know what special ghoul might show up …

Story Inn
6404 IN-135
Nashville, IN 47448
(812) 988-2273