Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Six Wines to Celebrate the End of Summer

The ‘unofficial’ end of summer is almost here. We still have a few more weeks of warm (OK – hot) weather, but school has started and those lazy days are drawing to a close. Time to plan one more picnic, cookout, or great all-out get-together and bid summer a final adieu. 

Great parties call for great food and great wine.  White wines have been the mainstay of summer, crisp, light, and mainly chilled. So let’s send off the season with an eye toward those moody autumnal red wines. Fire up the grill and let’s start pairing!

Burgers and Zin   

Try a full-bodied Zinfandel. The Zin’s fruity and spicy flavors will go well with a burger, or ribs and a Zin is wonderful with other grilled red meats.

Steak and Malbec

You won’t fail by serving a Cabernet Sauvignon with steak, but another great wine that’s often overlooked is Malbec. The tannins are hearty, the aroma can have hints of plum or tobacco, and the flavor should be fruity.  

Pork and Barbera

Although I won’t hesitate to pair a red with pork, many still feel more comfortable pairing a white wine with ‘the other white meat,’ especially when entertaining. If so, then grab a chilled bottle of Gewurztraminer for a nice alternative. Otherwise, get adventurous and try a Barbera with grilled pork.

Brats/Dogs and Options

A Zinfandel will work well with grilled hot-dogs. If you’re adding a chili sauce, go for a Beaujolais. For grilled brats, try a Pinot Noir.

Chicken and Merlot

Yes, I know, Chardonnay is the natural answer, but if you adhere to the ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) rule, then pour a Merlot with robust berry flavors for a tasty white wine alternative.


Seafood and Pinot

Pinot Grigio’s crispness goes well with plain, grilled fish or shrimp. If you’re grilling salmon, tuna or mackerel then pull out a Pinot Noir.

Of course, sauces and sides will affect your pairing, so take a bite of the food and a sip of the wine to see what you like. Remember, wine is subjective; the main point is to celebrate the end of summer with the food, the wines, and the people you love - so go enjoy!

~ Joy

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

16 Catchy Wine Sayings

It doesn’t matter what your interest, there are always some catchy sayings on the internet. For my fellow wine lovers, here are just a few that have more than a "sip of truth" to them … 

For a Bad Day:

Or Bad Week ....

For a Bad Wine: 

For Dining:


For Health:

For the Holidays:

For the Best of Times:

And Just Because:

'Nough said ...
~ Joy

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Caposaldo Wine Review

Caposaldo Vineyard
Two sample bottles of wine arrived from Caposaldo Winery the other day making it the perfect time to do some Italian wine tasting.

Caposaldo is an Italian artisan winery that focuses on style. All of the grapes are harvested by hand and the wines are carefully crafted to bring out the best of the fruit.

I began with the Pinot Grigio, with grapes grown in northern Italy’s Delle Venezie region, well known for its volcanic rock and chalky clay soils. The Caposaldo whites go through a cold fermentation in stainless tanks, in order to bring out the wine’s true flavors. This Pinot Grig had the essence of peaches and pears with a hint of minerals, and the aroma of apples enveloped in crisp acidity. Hints of almonds led to a clean finish. My overall opinion: this is a nice, “classic Italian Pinot Grig” and should be served with seafood, poultry or pork.

The Chianti is a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet, Merlot and Malvasia grapes grown in the Chianti region of Tuscany. These grapes are also handpicked and undergo traditional vinification, including being pumped over at least four times a day. One-third of the wine is then aged in oak before bottling. Nice berry aromas with an undercurrent of herbs on the nose led to an outstanding cherry flavor; good body. My overall opinion: Nice berry/cherry flavors but the finish is a bit astringent and minerally.  Pair this wine with grilled or roasted meats, pizza, or red sauce pasta meals: this wine would go well with any classic Italian meal.

Caposaldo also offers several other wines including a Prosecco D.O.C from Veneto region of northern Italy, a Sweet Moscato, Sweet Peach Moscato, Sparkling Sweet Red and Sweet Pink Merlot Moscato. It's definitely worth trying a few well chilled bottles during these “dog days of August.”
~ Joy

(If you have a wine you’d like me to sample and review, message me for an address.)