Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween Candy and Wine Pairings

By Joy Neighbors

It’s October, that time of year when our craving for chocolate and all things sweet magically coincides with Halloween.

Although most adults tend to limit their dressing up to adult gatherings and escorting the kids through the neighborhood, we don’t have to give up the candy. Especially not when we can pair it with the perfect wine.

Here’s a few popular candies paired with a couple of wines each to make your Halloween gathering even sweeter.

Favorite Candy                              Perfect Wines

Butterfinger Bar                              Chardonnay or Sherry

Candy Corn                                    Chardonnay or Moscato

Carmel Apple                                  Chenin Blanc

Hershey’s Chocolates                       Merlot or Port

Kit Kats                                          Sparkling or Merlot

M&Ms (preferable Autumn variety)    Merlot or Syrah

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups              Zinfandel or Cabernet

Skittles                                           Riesling or Sauv Blanc

Snickers Bar                                    Malbec or Zinfandel

Sweet Tarts                                     Moscato

Tootsie Rolls                                    Merlot or Syrah

Twix                                               Cabernet or Malbec

Stock up on your favorite wines now because Halloween’s less than 3 weeks away.