Wednesday, February 17, 2016

4 Reasons To Celebrate National Drink Wine Day

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Tomorrow, February 18, is National Drink Wine Day in the U.S. It’s an annual celebration that gives us a chance to tout the health benefits of wine, pay tribute to wine’s enhancement of food and lifestyle, and provides the perfect reason to enjoy a glass. Here are four reasons to get your wine happy on tomorrow.

1) Wine Provides Health Benefits
A glass of wine a day has been proven to increase heart health, help in weight reduction, boost immunity, decreases blood clots and reduce forgetfulness.

2) Wine Is Popular
Wine is very popular in the U.S. with two-thirds of the population reporting that they drink occasionally, and 40% say they take at least one drink a week. The top five wine drinking states are the District of Columbia, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

3) You Have a Special Bottle Waiting
You probably already have some wine stashed away for a special occasion. Well, today’s the day. Grab that bottle you’ve been waiting to try and enjoy it tonight.

4) It’s Time To Spread the Love
Wine has played a part in our lives for more than 6,000 years. We’ve used it to mark those occasions of historical and life significance; we toast christenings, baptisms, and other religious events with it, and we share a bottle for special days like anniversaries, birthdays and holidays.

You can celebrate the day with a glass of red or white, sweet or dry. The main point is to simply enjoy a glass of vino! If you’re located a larger city, check out Local Wine Events to see what’s planned, or keep up with events on the Drink Wine Day FaceBook site.

There are over a dozen days designated for wine celebrations this year, including Mulled Wine Day on March 3, Malbec World Day on April 19, National Moscato Day on May 9, National Chardonnay Day on May 23, National Wine Day on May 25, National Cabernet Day on August 29, and National Champagne Day is December 31.  

So raise your glass in a toast to National Drink Wine Day, and to Robert Louis Stevenson who noted that “Wine is bottled poetry.” Indeed, it is!

~ Joy

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ten Wine Pours For National Snack Month

February is National Snack Month and, yes, there are some wines that will pair quite nicely with snack foods. (OK, junk foods.) Just remember, the wine should be at least a step above the quality of the snack.

Cabernet Sauvignon and a 
Snickers bar. Or a Pay Day. It’s that combo of salty nuttiness and a nice tannic Cab that will make your mouth beg for more.

Zinfandel and dried jerky. That meaty, peppery flavor melds well with a hearty Zin. You can even throw in some spicy jerky because the wine’s low tannins will work some magic with these flavors.

Merlot and Hershey’s Kisses. You can opt for milk chocolate or dark chocolate kisses, even the caramel ones would be worth a try. Regardless, you’ll enjoy a sweet and smooth indulgence.

Pinot Noir and a Milky Way bar. When those jammy pinot flavors meet that gooey, chocolaty, caramel bar, there’s only one word to describe it. WOW!

Chardonnay and a soft pretzel. Grab one at the mall and reheat, or freshly bake one at home. Then add that gooey cheddar cheese for dipping, and no one will ever accuse you of being a wine snob.

Riesling and Twinkies. The fruity flavors of a slightly sweet Riesling paired with that classic yellow, spongy, creamy filled cake will make you glad Twinkies had such a sweet comeback.

Pinot Grigio and cheddar crackers. They’ve both been around for a while. Pinot Gris grapes date back to the Middle Ages, while Cheez-Its Cheese Crackers were invented in 1921 in Dayton, Ohio. Goldfish Cheddar crackers were developed in Switzerland in 1958, and Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies (my favorite) have been hopping onto our snack trays since 1989. Take your choice, the flavors are tasty.

Moscato and glazed donuts. This is a match made in heaven. Just try it.

Champagne and French fries. A sparkling wine is perfect with salty foods like fries, potato chips, or hash browns for Sunday brunch. The wine’s acidity and bubbles keep the palate free of greasiness and emphasize that tasty tater flavor.

Tawny Port and Almond M&Ms. That smooth, nutty caramel flavor meshes well with the hard shell candy coating that encases chocolaty, almond goodness.

Now that should get you in the mood for celebrating National Snack Month. And if you find an interesting wine/snack combo, let me know.

~ Joy