Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Drinking With Democrats

It’s Week 2 of the political conventions, which makes this the perfect time to take a look at the Democrats and their imbibing commanders-in-chief.

“Drinking with Democrats” author Mark Will-Weber has concocted a read that’s funny and refreshing, giving you insight into those Democratic Party Animals and their choice of liberal libations.

While not all presidents fit easily into the Democratic ranks, thanks to parties that are now defunct, Will-Weber does an excellent job aligning those who were known as Democratic Republicans (Not a typo.) into the party base while providing liberal pours of politically incorrect history on the  Dems, behind-the-scenes at the White House.

You’ll discover interesting Democratic POTUS drinking facts like:

Thomas Jefferson
Which Democratic presidents utilized liquor to buy votes?

What president could always be counted on to retell his squirrel whiskey tale?

Who was the founding father of wine?

What POTUS enjoyed beers in Ireland and impressed the natives with his ability to drink Irish beer?

Who had a fondness for Bourbon? (Lots of Bourbon.)

And what Commander-in-Chief preferred beer to any other beverage?

Mark Will-Weber
Mark Will-Weber, a seasoned journalist and magazine editor, offers an amusing, tongue-in-cheek look at past Democratic presidents and their drinking habits including favorite beverages, drink recipes and bar tips poured out with a twist of humorous antidotes. 

So pour your favorite libation, turn on the tube and tipple along with the Democrats as you peruse this book. You might find you’re mighty impressed with that drink!

~ Joy