Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Drinking With Republicans

Ah, the political conventions are upon us. In view of this election year (and whichever party you’re supporting), a drink (or three) may be necessary to get through these next couple of weeks.

The GOP is currently holding the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, so this could be the perfect time to take a break from all the “He said, She said” and just settle down with a libation and an amazingly fun read that deals with past presidents, their intake, and their outtakes, on alcohol. 

Mark Will Weber
Drinking With Republicans, by Mark Will-Weber, provides great historical insights into the Grand Old Party's presidents and their libations of choice. Will-Weber, a seasoned journalist and magazine editor, offers an amusing, tongue-in-cheek look at past Republican presidents and their drinking habits including favorite beverages, drink recipes and bar tips poured out with a twist of humorous antidotes.You'll discover entertaining Republican POTUS drinking facts like:

What president was the father of modern Bourbon Whiskey?

What president violated Prohibition?

Which POTUS enjoyed drinking with his staff?

Which presidents lubricated foreign affair proceedings with a few drinks?

And what Commander-in-Chiefs switched out the expensive liquor for run-of-the-mill once the party got started? (Yes, there's more than one.)

And what about those presidents who don't fit easily into the Republican or Democratic ranks, thanks to parties that are now defunct? (George Washington, John Adams, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor and Milford Filmore, to be precise.) Will-Weber does an excellent job aligning those Whigs, Independents and Federalists into the Republican party base, all the while providing politically incorrect history on these conservatives and their behind-the-scenes incidents at the White House.

The national political conventions happen only once every four years, so go ahead, mix up your favorite drink, grab the television remote (you political diehards), and settle down to reading Drinking With Republicans while watching the GOP Convention. You may decide to have another drink and just leave the sound down … This book is entertaining enough!

(Fair play: Next week, it’s the Democrats turn at the bar.)

~ Joy