Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 26 Is “Make Up Your Own Holiday” Day

Finally! A day to celebrate all those apparently forgotten wines.

Yes, there are plenty of wine designated holidays: National Wine Day, National Drink Wine Day, Chardonnay Day, Pinot Noir Day, Sauvignon Blanc Day, Champagne Day, Muscato Day…. (You get the idea.)

But if your favorite drew the short straw in the list of wine holidays then tomorrow is your chance to rectify the situation. March 26 is “Make Up Your Own Holiday” Day.

While you may not want to take the time to jump through all of the bureaucratic hoops to designate an “official” day, you can proclaim it to be whatever day you’d like tomorrow on social media.

I believe we should have a special day for my favorite dark, brooding wine, so for me tomorrow will be National Merlot Day.

Now, it's your turn. Take a moment, select your favorite (yet often ignored) wine and tell the world that you'll be celebrating tomorrow with a glass of _____________.

It’s time every wine had it's day!


~ Joy