Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hotcha Summer Nights with a Glass of Red Wine

August is a month that sizzles, thanks to high temperatures, lots of greenery, a healthy dose of sunshine, and long, languid nights. But if you’d like to ignite a lustful late summer rendezvous then pop open a bottle of red wine and see what develops.

Hands down, red wine is said to be the drink of seduction. A study performed at the University of Florence discovered that red vino may actually increase sexual desire in women. The report indicates that by heightening blood flow to erogenous areas, women may become more amorous. And the study reported that red wine tends to stimulate desire in women in their forties, fifties and sixties more than those who are younger.
Red wine also affects men by increasing blood flow and escalating testosterone levels. But keep in mind, too many glasses of red wine and the libido takes a nosedive.

Your Brain on Wine
Another explanation for the erotic kick red wine supplies may be linked to the stimulation of your brain’s hypothalamus, which controls body temperature, hormone levels and basic human functions including your sex drive. Either way, this aphrodisiac works best in moderation with a max of two drinks, which works out perfectly if you’re sharing that bottle of red wine. 

Something else to consider, sniffing red wine might be considered foreplay. Wine aromas stimulate that hypothalamus and certain smells trigger the libido. For women, it’s the aromas of earth, wood, cherry and licorice that can fuel desire, so serve her a rustic Zinfandel, an earthy Barbera or a musky Pinot Noir. For men, it’s more baking aromas (seriously) like caramel, butter, orange and vanilla that prove to be arousing. Pour him a glass of Syrah, Moscato or Tawny Port to sip and savor for a provocative August evening.