Wednesday, March 2, 2016

4 Sparkling Trends for 2016

The old saying of having “Champagne tastes on a beer budget” is about to become dated.

Here are four of the latest trends we can all sip and savor.

Sustainable Sparklers
Now, it’s easier to drink “green!” Organic wine is defined by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) as a “wine made from organically grown grapes, without any added sulfites.” The grapes for these natural sparklers are grown using sustainable agricultural practices which include land conservation, and the reclamation and recycling of materials during the wine making process. That’s definitely something to raise your glass for.

Terroir-based Champagne
Terroir is a word that has a certain mystique in the minds of wine drinkers. While the earth in which the grapes are grown does indeed impart unique qualities to the finished product, most Champagnes are a blend of grapes; the single vineyard Champagne is not that common. But enter the “new” terroir-based sparkles, and you can enjoy a “taste of place” as they vividly express the elements of the soil and region in which they’re grown.

Flavored Bubblies
These are definitely not your mama’s sparkling wines! Millennials want exciting, new experiences and this tasty option brings a bit of variety to those standard bubbles. Sparkling wine flavors range from citrus, apple, pear, and strawberry, to almond and vanilla. Or add some fruit and veggies of your own to create a one-of-a-kind sparkling wine.

Forget the Flute
Toss those fragile flutes and try sipping your bubbly from a tulip shaped wineglass. The wider bowl allows more room for the aromas to mingle, and that can create a surprisingly complex bouquet.

Whether you’re planning a dinner party, outdoor picnic, or girl’s night out, grab a trendy bottle of sparkling wine because there's no time like the present to enjoy a little bubbly.

~ Joy