Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Life is a Cabernet – At Least On This Day!

Get ready Cab lovers; tomorrow, September 3rd, is National Cabernet Sauvignon Day! This global event is held the Thursday before Labor Day (in America) each year, so put it on your calendar and share the news with your Cab loving friends.

The “holiday” was started in 2009 by Rick Bakas as a social media event (#CabernetDay) to celebrate the grape. Wineries and wine shops in major cities around the world began promoting it to help entice Cabernet drinkers into their establishments for special tastings and sales. Six  years later, the event is still being celebrated.

So what should you know about Cabernet Sauvignon? There are over half-a-million acres of this grape grown around the world; it isn’t called the “King of Red Wines” for nothing. Cab wines are a deep red and crafted in a dry style. Cabs boast a full body, and wonderfully deep, rich flavors that can range from bell peppers, to tobacco, to black cherries and berries that will tantalize your taste buds. The tannins are bold; there’s an earthiness to Old World Cabs while the California Cabs are more fruit-forward.

What are some good food matches for this “bad” boy? Look for dishes that are high in fat like steak, burgers, lamb and ribs. You can also enjoy it with pizza, pastas with a red meaty sauce, bittersweet chocolates, and cheese with a bite. (Think Cheddar, Blue and Camembert.)

Get ready to party tomorrow with a great Cabernet, good friends and a delectable meal because life is a Cabernet – at least for one day each year!

~ Joy