Wednesday, April 23, 2014

8 Trendy Ways Wine Influences Our Lives

Wine influences our lives in more ways than you may realize. Besides the usual decision of what vino to have with dinner, wine-centric themes pop up in our lives all the time. Here are eight ways a touch of the grape permeates our existence every day.

1) Colors
Majestic Grape
Wine colors are popular, especially in decorating. While wine colors have always been inviting; those rich purples and plums, deep burgundies, subtle greens and mellow yellows are now covering our walls giving the impression of a ripening vineyard inside.

And with paint color names like Majestic Grape and Fine Wine, along with the tried and true Burgundy, Merlot, Blush and Wine; those walls will make you want to sit down and visually “drink them in.” The wide spectrum of wine-themed colors available are rich yet subdued so as not to overwhelm you with too much grapy goodness.

2) Decor
Wine Tiles
Where once country, cottage and nautical themes held sway, today all things grape are the rage. Whether it’s a vineyard rug, hanging grape lamps, wine cellar canister sets, wine tiles, a grape clock, or wine box storage crates, it seems that everyone has jumped on the wine-themed wagon in an attempt to soak up the good life. If you want to follow this trend, tread lightly. Too many wine-themed accessories and your home will start to look grape kitschy when what you really wanted was a sophisticated vineyard vibe.

Wine Bag
3) Clothing
You can express your inner wine enthusiast with an amazing array of wine-themed clothing.  Slogans and puns run the “Gamay” on tees, tanks, jackets, aprons, hats and visors, even purses and bags. And if you can’t find one that expresses your love of the vine, you can always craft your own on sites like Custom Ink

4) Jewelry
Grape Ring
Jewelry lovers can wear their love of the vine with themed trinkets. There are a multitude of items to choose from: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches. Wine jewelry can make a big, bold statement or be a subtle reflection of your interest in wine.

5) Tattoos
Arm Candy
And let’s not forget tattoos. Although wine inspired tats are not mainstream, there are still plenty of vino-relate designs to choose from. There are even temporary tattoos for the faint of heart like those Riesling tattoos used to celebrate the “Summer of Riesling” each year. Now, how much wine was involved in actually getting that tattoo is another story ...

Wino Forever
OK, grab a glass; I have to share my favorite wine tattoo story about Johnny Depp’s vino tat.  True, he owns a vineyard in Provence, but that’s not what inspired this tattoo. It actually began as  “Winona Forever” for former girlfriend Winona Ryder, but when the relationship corked, he just had a couple of letters dropped and voila! Wino Forever.

6) Celebrations
Vineyard Wedding

Wine goes with any celebration, so holding a special party or wedding in the vineyard just makes sense for a wine lover. Now you can select from wine-themed invitations and wine-centric cakes, to a full-blown wedding and reception in the vineyard. Check with local wineries and vineyards about holding your special day at their facilities. Most will have options available to help you plan. And be sure to book early; vineyard weddings are extremely popular.

7) Names
In our everyday vocabulary, wine works its way into the conversation. Think corked, legs, and lees. Now, with wines named Mommy’s Time Out and Mommy Juice, it’s no surprise that there are wine-inspired baby names, too. Those topping the vino baby list include Merlot or Merlow, Barbera, Grenache, Syrah, Chardonnay, Franc, and Madeira. Can't decide? How about Pinot Grigio; you’ll have covered all bases with a first and middle name that’s wine-related.

8) Travel
Two Story Wine Tower
If you love going to wineries when you’re on vacation, consider a wine-themed cruise. It’s the best of both worlds - wine and travel. Just sit back and enjoy a luxury cruise to some of the top wine-producing regions in the world.

And you can learn on the way! Celebrity Cruises offers a variety of wine-related trips, plus classes by sommeliers on board along with over 500 wine choices available to sip from their two story wine tower.

So, how do you express your inner wine diva or wine dude? Imbibing minds want to know ...

~ Joy