Wednesday, February 12, 2014

5 Ways to Celebrate "National Drink Wine Day" on February 18

We have hundreds of special celebration days throughout the year, so why not a national day set aside to drink wine? Well, we have! Next Tuesday, February 18 is National Drink Wine Day in the U.S!

Ancient Greeks & Wine
Wine & Religion
This is a day dedicated to promote the health benefits of wine and acknowledge that wine has been an important element in our history, our life celebrations, and our religious events for centuries.

Wine has been produced since 6000 BC. Around 4500 BC, wine became popular with the Greeks and Romans. In fact, both religions had a god that represented wine. For the Greeks, the wine god was known as Dionysus. In Rome, their wine god was Bacchus.

Jimmy Carter
Acres of Grapes
Today over 20 million acres throughout the world are used for growing wine grapes. Several U.S. presidents have had vineyards and wine crafted from their harvests; one 20th century president made the wine himself, for years. President Jimmy Carter managed 15 acres of vines on his Georgia farm and regularly crafted over 100 bottles of wine from the harvest.

Wine has been in the news for years because of the major health benefits it provides. Especially red wine, which contains antioxidants that keep your heart healthy, help with weight loss, prevent bone loss, and boost immunity.

Although no formal proclamation, such as a congressional record or a presidential proclamation has been issued for National Drink Wine Day – don't let that stop you from celebrating.

Need some ideas on how this holiday can be commemorated?  Here are six tips for observing National Drink Wine Day!

1) Check with local wineries, wine shops, and liquor stores to see if events are being held. If not, visit Local Wine Events for special celebrations you may not know about in your area.

2) Send your friends and fellow vino lovers a "Drink Wine Day" e-card.  Punchbowl offers e-cards, along with

3) Throw a virtual party and celebrate with your wine-loving friends around the country.

4) Head out to your favorite restaurant or pub, request your favorite wine and offer a toast in honor of National Drink Wine Day. Let the bartender or server know what you're celebrating. You might be surprised how many patrons want to join in the festivities.

5) Gather with your friends at home this evening for an impromptu wine party. Break out the vino and any wine game you might have like Wine-opoly, Winerd, ZinZig or Viticulture, and "party on!"

It really doesn’t matter how you celebrate, just be sure to pour a glass in honor of the day, because unfortunately, national wine days don't come along every month ...