Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wine Furniture For the Wine Fanatics on Your List

With less than 20 shopping days to go, here’s some wine appropriate gift ideas for the frugal or the crafty.  Last week we looked at gifts made from wine corks, this week, a bit more of a challenge – wine furniture.

Wine Glass Chandelier – (Electrical Project)
A sparkling, yet functional gift any wine lover would use.  The size of the chandelier will depend on the size of the wine rack you use.  Some will hold 16 glasses, some 40, some 76 – it depends how many glasses you have - or want to have...

If you are planning to replace a current hanging light, leave the wires and bare bulb in place.  You can then suspend the wine rack by attaching chains and anchoring them to the ceiling plate of the former light. 

Once you’ve made sure the bulb works, hang wine glasses from the rack and enjoy some vino ambient lighting with dinner.   Added Benefit:  You’ll never have to hunt for a wine glass again…..

Wine Racks – (Building Project)

There are so many options to consider when making a wine rack – size, number of bottles it will hold, shape, and design.  Just remember that the corks must be kept wet when the bottles are stored, one end must be a bit lower so the wine will rest against the cork.

You can make a box-type wine rack by squaring up four boards and attaching lattice panels on the front and back of the box.  Or by forming an X inside the box with two boards.

You can also join five same sized boards, which have been notched so that the boards slide together and create an interesting, artsy shape.

A more free style wine rack can be made from two pieces of finished and stained wood that has curved metal holders attached for the bottle to rest in.

If you’re a true woodworker, check out Ron Hazelton’s Home Improvement Online @

Just remember to stock that rack with a few bottles before gift-giving ;)

Wine Bar Barrel – (Building Project)

For the next two projects, you can use a wine barrel, whisky barrel, bourbon barrel – whatever suits your tastes.  A great source of barrels, and ideas, is Kentucky Barrels @
You might also check with your local winery, or distillery to see if any barrels have come to the end of their usefulness.

The wine bar barrel requires the barrel, a saw to cut the door frame, two or three door hinges, shelf holders to stabilize the shelves and the weight they will bear, and the three round glass shelves to fit inside.

If you want to go a step further and make the bar a dining area too, find a round table top, cut a hole in it and let a small part of the barrel top come through.  Pull up some chairs and toast to good times.

Wine Barrel Coffee Table – (Building Project)

The words, “wine barrel coffee table” may bring back memories of the 1970’s recycling craze, but if done with some flair, this can be quite a conversation-starter.

Start with a barrel that has been cut in half vertically. Measure and cut two wooden feet or holders for the table to rest in.

You can then attach a pre-manufactured table top, or craft one from several boards.  Another option, if your barrel has some nice wine staining inside, would be to cover it with heavy glass.

But my all-time favorite wine barrel pieces – a barrel stave love seat and stave chairs.  What an excellent place to sip wine with friends on a summer’s evening.

Now, pour a glass of your favorite wine, sit back, review that gift list, and Enjoy!!

~ Joy