Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Haunted Wineries of the North and South

It’s October, when thoughts turn to harvest, Halloween, and hauntings – the perfect time to explore a haunted winery or two.  This month, Joy’s JOY of Wine will take a look at haunted wineries across the U.S. and the world. So pour a glass of something dark and brooding as we explore some ‘spirited’ wineries, and those who make them so…

Howell’s Main Street Winery is a boutique winery located in historic downtown Howell, Michigan.  With wooden floors and creaking stairs, it also boasts of a ghost or two.

Owners John and Sandy Vyletel report that objects move of their own accord, noises emit from empty rooms, and lights go on and off.

The Southern Michigan Paranormals group has investigated Howells’ on several occasions and picked up paranormal activity. The group reports several spirits residing here. The ghost of a small boy has been sighted in the winery.  Apparently his parents owned the building in the 1800’s and he decided to stay.

Howell’s Main Street Winery is getting into the spirit of things this season with psychic and intuitive readings scheduled for the last weekend of October.  Be sure to check out their VuDu wine.

Howell’s offers over 30 wines to choose from including grape, fruit and dessert, along with seasonal wines. If you’ve always wanted to make your own, Howell’s holds sessions where you can select the wine you wish to make and take it from crafting, to bottling, corking and labeling with their guidance.  Learn more at


Old North State Winery & Brewery in Mt Airy, North Carolina opened in a building that has had its share of odd events.

The structure was built in 1885 and operated as a general store.  In 1926, a rival storeowner set off dynamite in front of the store and destroyed it.  Years later, during the building’s reconstruction, an arm bone was discovered.  No one knows to whom it belonged.

The winery began as a cooperative in 2002. Employees have reported that doors close on their own, footsteps are heard shuffling through the cellar, and shadows appear to have a life of their own.  It’s been rumored that a suicide occurred on the second floor, but most of the activity happens in the wine cellar.  The cellar staff named one of the wines, Restless Soul,” after the paranormal occurrences.  

Old North State Winery and Brewery has over 20 wines available.  For more information, visit

Know of a haunted winery?  Let me know where the wine spirits imbibe….  Next week, haunted wineries of the Midwest.

~ Joy