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14 FREE Wine Apps for 2014

The apps, they are a changin’.  Today, just snap a photo of a wine bottle at your local wine shop and you can get all the geeky wine information you desire: information about the grape varietal, region of origin, winemaker, tasting notes, price history, even the local restaurant that serves it.  And, depending on the app, you could also get access to expert wine advice, food pairing suggestions, ratings and reviews, even share your thoughts and photos of the wine, or the winery, on social media without leaving the app. Ready to find out what’s out there – for FREE – for 2014? Then let’s dial down and see …

America’s Wine Trails (iOS & Android)

This is an app for when you’re on the go. It’s a great way to locate wineries and wine trails around the country. Winery listings include photos, links to the winery website, along with info on their wines and varietals, hours and a map on how to get there. The America’s Wine Trails app touts having the largest number of wineries (over 6,000) and wine trails available in the U.S. Definitely a “don’t leave home without it” app.

Blush for Wine (iOS)
This mobile wine-shopping app makes selecting a bottle of wine a breeze. Simply scan the bar code or speak the wine’s name and Blush for Wine will provide you with in-depth information about it. The app also includes wine descriptions, ratings, and pairing suggestions, along with other wines that will match your budget.

Delectable  (iOS)
This is currently the Holy Grail of wine apps. With praise from Forbes Magazine and Wine Business, among others, Delectable has been called the best wine app out there. This social wine app connects the wine consumer and the wine producer with the click of button. Just take a photo of the wine label with your iPhone and Delectable will provide you with the name of the wine, the vintage and the winemaker. You can give it a rating, add tasting notes, and share your comments online, and through the app.

Drync (iOS & Android)
Drync (pronounced drink) is trying to bridge the gap between finding a wine you love and being able to buy it. The app allows you to purchase the wines you like right from your phone and have them delivered to your home. And, as an added perk, shipping is free when you order 6 bottles or more. Who wouldn’t Drync to that?

Hello Vino (iOS & Android)
When you're faced with all of those bottles in the wine aisle, here's an app to help you make a decision. Hello Vino recommends wines according to your preferences, and also offers food pairings to go with that bottle. Find the perfect bottle based on the occasion, or the price point. It's a handy app for those just delving into wine, and those who can’t ever make a decision about which bottle to purchase.

Local Wine Events (iOS & Android)
This app won’t help you when selecting a wine, but it will show you where the food and wine events are taking place in your area. Use it to explore and locate what’s happening when visiting other cities. You can also save cash on exclusive ticket deals and share events with your friends.

Snooth (iOS)
If you want to know what others think of a wine, then this is the app for you. You can also search for a wine by color, price or country, then write a review, add it to your app cellar or place it on your wish list. And when you’re ready, compare prices and buy online. While the Snooth Wine app is free, Snooth Pro is $4.99, but offers an expanded image database.

The Wine Coach (iOS & Android)
This is more of a wine entertainment app. Laurie Forster, author and radio host of The Sipping Point has come out with The Wine Coach which contains podcasts of her The Sipping Point radio show, along with wine and cooking videos, a guide to wine grapes and a “wine rack” feature that will keep track of your favorite wines. (Why didn’t Martha Stewart think of this?)

ViVino (iOS & Android)
This handy little app allows you to learn more about the wines you drink by simply scanning the bottles. Vivino recognizes over 1-million wines and will provide you with information on the wines, the grapes, wine regions and wine countries. There’s nothing like being a knowledgeable wino.

Wine Dictionary (iOS & Android)
First came the Beer Dictionary and now, the Wine Dictionary, which contains hundreds of words used to describe wine – the taste, the regions, the grapes, even the hard-to-pronounce phrases on the wine label. While not inclusive, the Wine Dictionary has 900 words and definitions that will help you begin to understand “wine speak’ a bit better. (Note – while the Wine Dictionary is free for Android users, on iTunes, it’s .99)

Wine Notes (iOS)
Love it? Hate It? Here’s a place to record your thoughts on a wine as you’re drinking it. Wine Notes provides a template where you can record the producer, vintage, varietal, region, rating, alcohol, and color, along with your personal impressions. And when you’re through, you can share your notes on Twitter.

Winery Passport (iOS)
This app is your mobile wine traveling companion, providing you with info on over 4-thousand wineries throughout the U.S. and Canada. Stamp your app passport at each winery and record all the details in your journal. Then share your latest finds with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Wine Quest (iOS)
Wine Quest may help restore wine harmony in your relationships. Simply create your wine profile, rate the wines you like (and don’t), and get personal recommendations about any wine you consider trying or buying. By adding additional profiles for friends, family and that significant other, you’ll always reach for their favorite bottle of wine when you entertain.

Wine Searcher (iOS & Android)
Ready to buy that special bottle of wine, but it seems too pricy?  Find the best price! Simply select the wine, search for the best price available and purchase it. Wine Searcher’s database has over 6-million wines and over 42,000 retailers listed. The app offers maps to stores near you and gives extra details including grape variety, region of origin, and a history of the price, so you know how low you can go.

Have a favorite, free wine app you couldn’t do without? Share the info below.

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